HID Controllers and Sporting Facilities

febrero 19th, 2012 by pherniak

Human beings have made magnificent examples architecture for the purpose of having an arena for sporting. These places have been intertwined with economies, religions and cultures throughout the ages. From ancient Olympia, to the modern stadiums of today, these places have been designed for the pinnacle of human competition. As stadiums and sporting facilities become bigger than ever, their designs and energy consumption must be carefully considered. One must consider the externalities associated with sporting facilities to ensure they can be efficient and splendid for years to come.


Bright HID lighting makes up a significant portion of electricity consumption for arenas and stadiums. Tracks and fields must be illuminated bright as day. The pitch should be seen clearly by both the players and audience up above. Most times this light is provided with HID lamps, such as High or Low pressure sodium bulb or a metal halide lamp. These lamps can operate at approximately 1000W; a field requires dozens of them. These HID lights form a significant fraction of electrical energy used by sporting facilities, but this can be reduced with an efficiency increasing HID controller. By exploiting the operating characteristics of these lamps, the VoltMiser HID Lighting Controller can reduce electrical power consumption by lamps up to 25%, with completely negligible lumen loss.


The VoltMiser is a HID Lighting Controller for arenas, stadiums, and sporting facilities, as well as many other applications. The controller restricts the voltage to the arena’s HID lamps safely and without introducing interfering harmonics. This ensures the lamps maintain their consistent and long lasting lifetimes. The Voltmiser does not reduce total lamp life. In fact, this system is approved by major lamp and ballast manufacturers for warranty purposes. It has great compatibility with ballasts and HID lamps from 150W to more than 1kW. Voltage can be chosen for market-dependent lighting standards.


Consider the possibilities for HID controllers in sports complexes. Whether the facility is a large football field, rugby pitch or long distance track, there will be light, and thus use for a powerful HID controller. If the sports facility is an indoor gym, pool, with or without large diving boards, the VoltMiser can be used to increase environmental stewardship, as well as reduce operating costs and externalities. Arenas and sports facilities using HID controllers such as the VoltMiser from EG Energy Controls will be able to maintain operation, longer and more healthily.


Installation is a simple, no lamps have to be replaced, there is no climbing necessary to reach these bulbs. The VoltMiser is installed at the power junction for a certain network of bulbs, so there is only one instance of wiring. For a quote, contact sales@egenergy.com today with the following information: wattage of lamps, number of lamps and voltage used.



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