Energy Monitoring: Critical for Energy Conservation

September 1st, 2011 by pherniak

The problem of saving energy is a large issue for many people and corporations. To conserve energy is to save resources, money and the environment. Applied energy conservation can be difficult. Without knowing how one’s energy is being consumed, it is nigh impossible to properly conserve it. According to the popular axiom, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. This is where energy monitoring comes into the picture for responsible management and environmental stewardship.Sample Graph produced by ESS

When energy consumption becomes available for viewing and analysis, people tend to find natural ways to reduce their own consumption. It alerts them to situations where they may be acting in an unintentionally wasteful manner. In households, this reduction can be as much as 7% when the power meter is placed in a visible location within the house. That is the benefit a single meter can do, imagine an entire system dedicated exclusively to energy monitoring and analysis.

A key aspect to any energy monitoring system is flexibility. The system should be able to monitor a wide variety of loads, lighting, heating, industrial machinery, computers, water consumption, gas/oil consumption, etc. Without energy monitoring, it would be impossible to determine which wing of a building consumes excessive heat or when is the most efficient point in time to run heavy machinery. Some “energy efficient” devices are marketing misnomers, with an energy monitoring solution; these devices can be singled out. Simply put, you cannot afford not to know.

In some industries, it is not merely the power consumption that is of interest but power quality. Attributes of the network such as the power factor, phase balance and harmonics are important for the proper working of many types of machinery. In an abnormal situation, an energy monitoring system can alert the system manager of potential danger. This can avoid downtime and costly repairs, both of which cost energy and money. The benefits of an energy monitoring installation are obvious.

The Energy Surveillance System (ESS) from EG Energy Controls is one such system. It integrates software and hardware for a complete energy monitoring solution. The software side can crunch and analyze data in a myriad of ways all while operating over pre-existing enterprise server setups. It offers the ability to consult weather forecasting services and accurately predict power consumption in the near future. The Energy Surveillance System operates as an accounting system for energy usage. There also exists an add-on called the DemandMiser that acts to reduce demand on specific loads when pre-determined limits are exceeded. These systems are coupled for maximal energy monitoring and saving. For large facilities, it would be very time-consuming to manually adjust demand levels for a multitude of loads and sub-loads. One must also consider the human energy and time that can be saved by automated systems.

Solving the problem of energy conservation is much easier with the correct tools. One very important part of the solution system is a proper energy monitoring system. For more information on the Energy Surveillance System mentioned in the article, please visit



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