EG Energy Controls – Energy Saving Products

About Us

EG Energy Controls (EGEC) is a privately held high tech company, based in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. EG Energy Controls manufactures energy saving systems for commercial and industrial applications. Edward Herniak, founder and CEO of EG Energy Controls Ltd. is the principal designer. Mr. Herniak possesses many years of experience in the field of power control technology. Ever since its founding in 1994, EG has recognized that after rent and direct labor costs, energy and maintenance are the biggest expense items for companies. With the continuing increase in energy costs, EGEC product line offers many options for corporations to save on energy costs and environmental impact. Our moto that we go by, “Energy Saved – Environment Protected” reminds us that energy conservation is not only important for a corporations bottom line but as well for environmental sustainability. EGEC markets and distributes its products directly to end-users in Canada, USA and Latin Amerca. EGEC’s products are certified by QPS, a nationally recognized testing and rating firm equivalent to UL/CSA standard.

Mission Statement

EG Energy Controls (EGEC) is committed to deepening customer trust through the quality of our products and service, our responsiveness and accountability in everything we do. We connect with our customers by understanding their needs and providing them information and products that help save money. We work to ensure that the customers existing equipment is compatible with our products. EGEC broadens choices by identifying new energy trends and providing its customers with innovative, reliable and cost effective technology.